1 Cor. 13:7-8   It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Love heart

Love heart (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

We tend to use the words “always” and “never” quite frequently when talking with someone, especially if we are upset with them. “You always treat be this way” , “you never listen to me”. You always cut me off or always say things to put me down”. “You never take me seriously”. I  personally always, I mean I do get tired of hearing accusations like that. We seem to be so quick to always and never someone in the negative, but never, I mean not so much in the positive.

Paul says real love always shows itself to be good. And even if Paul didn’t say all the things love always does, he did mention all the things it doesn’t do. It never fails. That sounds all inclusive. Maybe the reason we don’t say to someone, “You always Love Me”, is because there are times that person might make you feel unloved by something stupid they might have said or uttered an insensitive remark. Does that make their love any less? Probably not. Maybe we feel that if we do say something about always being loved, that person could possibly think they can get away with the slip-ups they make every now and then.  We certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

It comes down to, it’s a two way street. I have to always love, and I have to always accept the love given to me, no matter how much it might hurt at times.

Shall we pray:
Lord, help us to always, and I mean always receive the love given by others without hitting them with “well you never” and thank you Lord for the Love you have given to me.